This year the Moonsund Regatta (Muhu Väina Regatta) will be held for the 54th time | 14 Mar 11, piret.salmistu

The 54th Moonsund Regatta, which will also be the Estonian Open Offshore Sailing Championship and the third stage in the EYU Offshore Sailing Estonian Cup, will be held on 11-17 July 2011.

The 7 courses of the week long regatta will be Pärnu-Roomassaare, Roomassaare round, Roomassaare-Virtsu, Virtsu-Heltermaa, Heltermaa round, Heltermaa-Tallinn and Tallinn round. The final of the regatta in Tallinn will also be a part of the Tallinn Maritime days and one of the outstanding stories in the series of seaside stories of Tallinn as the European Capital of Culture.

In the longest regatta, by time, held in Estonia the yachts are divided into two divisions - sportboats (ORC) and the so called hobby yachts (LYS). The divisions are also divided into groups. The first division of sportboats has four groups, where Group I is for the biggest and fastest yachts and Group IV accordingly for the smallest. The second division, which is for the hobby yachts has two groups.


Performance Line offshore method will be used for improved calculation of time in the ORC groups, except is in case of headwind-downwind track. For the headwind-downwind tracks the Performance Line inshore method will be used. The Low Point Scoring system will be applicable according to Annex A of RRS. LYS method will be used for improved calculating of time in the LYS groups according to Annex A of the Racing Rules of Sailing.

By now the web site of the regatta, which was opened last year has been updated and registration to the regatta is open. The notice of race is available at 

Registration at discount price is open until 10 June.

The Moonsund Regatta is organised by ESS Kalev Yacht Club in co-operation with Pärnu Yacht Club and Estonian Yachting Union.

Last year more than 570 yachtsmen from Estonia and abroad sailed on 89 participating yachts. For this year we are also expecting “guest stars” from Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.