The longest race of the regatta Kärdla-Tallinn | 17 Jul 16, piret.salmistu

The fifth leg of the A.  Le Coq 59th Moonsund Regatta was Musto Kärdla – Tallinn race. Weather forecast was contradictory and many yachts decided to leave early and not participate in the fifth race. Twenty yachts bailed and only 88 yachts took part in the longest race. The promised wind did not arrive, however, and the participating sailors could enjoy both the sunset and sunrise during the long night of the race. 

The first to cross the finish line was Forte from Kalev Yacht Club - it was at 06:29 in the morning. Approximately five miles into the race Eleanora and Mir bumped into each other and for Tiit Nõu and Eleanora it meant they could not continue doe to the damage suffered by the boat. Mir from Russia continued. 

As mentioned, Musto Kärdla-Tallinn leg in ORCI was won by Forte. Pärnu YC's Lady Bird with Johannes Puussepp at the helm was second and Kalev YC's Merion with Marko Pomerants third. The overall leader is FORTE, Lady Bird is second and Tuule is third.

In ORC II the race was won by Amserv Toyota Sailing Team with Margus Zuravljov at the helm (Kalev YC). Adele from Baltsail with  Harles Liiv was second and Ivar Aru on Cherie, also from Kalev, third. After five races the overall leader in ORC II is Alar Akermann's yacht Merepärl from Pärnu YC. Cherie and Ivar Aru are holding on to the second position and Amserv Toyota Sailing Team is now third.

In CDL<8 the race winner was Blanca with captain Jaan Tiidemann from Kalev YC, Kadri and captain Tanel Õun and Lagle II and Ülari Velviste, both from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts, were second and third respectively. In this class the overall leader is Kadri. Blanca is second and Lagle II third.

In class ESTLYS 1 the first to finish was Fanatic from Kalev YC, captain Ain-Eke Jalasto. SPB River YC yacht Mir with Sergey Bruzga was second despite the unfortunate crash earlier in the race and Berta with captain Hando Sutter were third. The overall leader is this class is still Fanatic, Mir is second and Alar Ivanson's Tessa from Kalev YC third. Mir's result was contested and consequently disqualified which means Fanatic's advantage over Mir increased considerably. 

The best in ESTLYS 2 was Margus Beljakov with team Liliann from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts. Harri Murd's Temper from Pärnu YC came in second and Elli with captain Margus Hiet from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts was third. Before the last race the group leader is Elli, Windwalker and captain Priit Jürioja are second and Mikk Metstak on Brigitta is third.

In ESTLYS3 the winner is no surprise - it is the overall leader Aurora and captain Pille Kaas. Mercurius from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts with captain Margus Tasa was second and Top club yacht Diweiss with captain Erki Kilusk third. In overall results the second place is held by Kristi and captain Janno Luurmees and Mercurius with Margus Tasa are third.

In Folkboot class the race winner was Linda, captain Pertti Neero, from Kalev YC. Bacchus and captain Olev Oolup from Haapsalu YC were second and Tee Chee with Peeter Välkmann took the third place.  Before the last race the overall situation is very challenging: the leader is Lind, Muinasjutukuningas and Jaanus Nõgisto are holding the second place with an equal number of points and only two points behind of them is Tee Chee with captain Peeter Välkmann.


After prize-giving the fleet enjoyed the Tallinn Maritime Days program. All yachts participated in the grand Sea Parade.  


The last race of the regatta can bring changes into the results of many groups and it is very important with regards to the podium places. Races start at 10:30 and they will all be broadcast live by Postimees. 

Closing ceremony of the A.  Le Coq 59th Moonsund Regatta will take place in Kalev Yact Club in Pirita at 17:00.