The longest race of the Moonsund Regatta from Kärdla to Kihnu | 13 Jul 18, piret.salmistu

The 70 - 90-mile Loodus Invest Kärdla - Kihnu leg of the A. Le Coq 61st Moonsund Regatta finished in the early hours of Friday. The first yacht to come in was Amserv Toyota ST of ORC II and they exceeded even the most optimistic expectations by coming in an hour before midnight, having raced for thirteen hours. After having raced for 17 hours, the last boat to reach the finish line was folkboot Tiina at 3.26 in the morning. The winners of the longest leg of the regatta were: Minni, Amserv Toyota ST, Bailarina, Katarina Jee, Sinyaya Ptica, Mercurius and Linda.

Thursday morning was very sunny in Kärdla, and fortunately breezy too. According to PRO Andres Talts the race required patience, focus and team spirit. “The winds were more favourable than not and there wasn’t much lulling on the sea, which can happen in summer a lot,” he added later in the day.

Margus Zuravljov, captain of Amserv Toyota ST (Kalev Yacht Club), the first yacht to reach Kihnu, was very happy with the race: “It was super in the beginning and there was even more wind than forecast. Later we had to wait a bit. Sailing in windless conditions requires peace and quiet, a lot of concentration and effort. The last bit is the hardest as then exhaustion kicks in.”

Marek Vaho from Minni (Kalev Yacht Club), who got his first race win this regatta, reflected that everything worked out as planned: “We are extremely happy to have at least one race win. If current conditions persist, we need to stay focused, aware of the competitors, avoid their mistakes and be better than them.”  

Andrejs Buls and Latvian yacht Bailarina won their third race already. According to him the last couple of hours were a nightmare. “There was no wind, as if someone had closed the tap. But you just have to know how to enjoy these situations and this is what I told my team.”

Anne-Mari Luik, captain Equipe du Piloilleri (ROPK/Kalev Yacht Club), came in third in ESTLYS II. She said it was one of the first times they actually trusted their own plan. “We put our strategy in place and made our own decisions. We did not miss the wind, we like calmer conditions. The only thing we lacked was hot coffee.”

The fifth race made the overall results more definitive as the results of the worst race were discarded now. This means the overall leaders ahead of the last two races are: Sugar 2, Jazz, Bailarina, Katarina Jee, Tessa, Mercurius and Linda.

Friday is the day of the Dermoshop/Confido leg racing to Pärnu. In the evening two award ceremonies will be held: both for the Loodus Invest Kärdla - Kihnu leg and the Friday’s sixth race. Also Estonia 100 festivities continue and the evening entertainment will be provided by Anna Kucinsky band.

1. MINNI EST 50 Andres Aavik, Kalev Yacht Club
2. TEGU LTU2235 Jurgis Janulionis, Vilnius Yacht Club
3. NIDA III LTU1111 Arunas Burksas, Vetrungis Nida

1. AMSERV TOYOTA ST EST379 Margus Žuravljov, Kalev Yacht Club
2. EVELYN III EST477 Kristen Pugi, Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society/ Kalev Yacht Club
3. ADELE EST467 Aleksandr Karboinov, JK Baltsail

1. BAILARINA LAT 350 Andrejs Buls, RSSC
2. PRIZRAK RUS 331 Dmitry Mostovoy, Vodnik
3. LAGLE III EST554 Ülari Velviste, Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society

1. KATARINA JEE EST464 Mart Tamm, Saaremaa Maritime Sports Society
2. GABRIEL LAT3 Andris Zirdzins, Usmas YC
3. GURU LAT352 Arnis Remess, Latvian Y/k

1. SINYAYA PTICA RUS630 Dmitry Diakov, SPbRYC
2. DEJA VU EST542 Peeter Siniväli, Kalev Yacht Club
3. EQUIPE DU PILOILLERI FIN9004 Anne-Mari Luik, ROPK/Kalev Yacht Club

1. MERCURIUS EST45 Margus Tasa, Saaremaa merispordi Selts
2. MARIA EST43 Eerik-Kristjan Keerend, Kalevi Jahtklubi
3. KHERPI EST684 Mart Sameli,Pärnu Jahtklubi

1. LINDA EST42 Pertti Neero, Kalev Yacht Club  
2. LIND EST32 Tiit Riisalo, Kalev Yacht Club
3. TEE CHEE EST38 Peeter Välkmann, Kalev Yacht Club