Kärdla-Näkimadala race enjoyed favourable weather and leeward start | 17 Jul 16, piret.salmistu

The fourth racing day of the A. Le Coq 59th Moonsund regatta faced its morning in Kärdla harbour. Wednesday morning was sunny and at the captains meeting a rare downwind start was announced.

PRO Andres Talts described conditions as favourable. Average winds were 5 m/s with pouts of 6-7 m/s. The yachts had to set off downwind, which is quite unusual for regattas. The race lasted nearly five hours with the last yacht coming in at 15:08.


In ORC I the fourth race winner was Kalev's Forte with Jaak Jõgi at the helm. Lady Bird and Johannes Puussepp from Pärnu YC were second and Sylvia, captained by Aare Kööp, fom Kalev YC were third. Forte is firmly holding on to its first position, Tuule from Pärnu YC is second and Lady Birdi and Sylvia are fighting for the third position.


The best of the race in ORC II class were Cherie and Ivar Aru from Kalev YC. Merepärl and Alari Akkermann's team from Pärnu YC were second and Silva with Jaanus Talp from Kalev YC third. This group is dominated by Merepärl, Cherie is second overall and Harles Liiv's Adele (Baltsail JK) is holding on to the third position.


In CDL<8 class the winners were Tanel Õun and team with Kadri followed by Ülari Velviste and Lagle II, both from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts. Blanca and Jaan Tiidemann from Kalev YC were third. Kadri, having won all races so far, is the undisputed leader in this class. Lagle II and Blanca are runners up with an equal number of points. 


ESTLYS 1 was dominated by yachts from Kalev Yacht Club. The first to come in was Fanatic, captained by Ain-Eke Jalasto, Tessa and Alar Ivansoni lost to them by two minutes and third place was grabbed by Hando Sutter's team on Berta. Fanatic managed to get to the first position overall but they are closely followed by Mir and Sergey Bruz from Russia and Tessa.


ESTLYS 2 was dominated by Elli and captain Margus Hiet from Saaremaa Merispordi Selts. Mikk Metstak on Brigitta from Kalev YC and Mart Allik on Lili Marleen from Pärnu YC were second and third respectively. After four races the overall leader in this class is Priit Jürioja's Windwalker from Pärnu YC and they are followed by Elli and Brigitta.


In ESTLYS 3 the race winners were again Pille Kaas and her team on Aurora from Haapsalu YC. They are also the overall leaders in this class. Margus Tasa and Mercurius from Saarema Merispordi Selts were second and  Jorjen II captained by Mikk Põdra from Toila YC came in third. In overall results Aurora is followed by Kristi and Janno Luurmees and Mercurius who has tied with Salme-Auguste from Kalev YC. 


Folkboots were again dominated by Muinasjutukuningas  from Kalev YC with Jaanus Nõgisto at the helm. Olev Oolup's Bacchus from Haapsalu YC was two minutes behind them and Tee Chee with Peeter Välkmanni were third. Overall leader is Muinasjutukuningas folowed by Tiit Riisalo's Lind and Pertti Neero's Linda.

Results: http://muhuvain.ee/tulemused  

After the prize-giving of two races Postimees and Eesti Meedia, who have more and more shown their interest in sailing, signed a cooperation agreement with the Yachting Union in order to facilitate yachting news reporting in 2016. Sailors dinner followed and evening entertainment was provided by  Funkyfize and DJ Tom Lilienthal.