A. Le Coq 64th Moonsund Regatta – Super weather on Pärnu bay | 11 Jul 21, piret.salmistu

Already for the 64th time A. Le Coq Moonsund Regatta has set sail. The first races were held yesterday in near perfect conditions. For sure, this was the trickiest and most intense leg of the race – Pro Marine Trade short course. All three headwind races put the teamwork capabilities of all teams to test and Premium, Sugar, Vanishing Point, Lagle III and Jonna came out as the best.

During the captains’ meeting in the morning PRO Jüri Sõber handed out instructions for the day and Mihkel Kosk, last year’s ORC I group winner, hoisted the regatta flag with the new blue-green logo.  


5-7 m/s southwest winds, light waves and glaring sun enabled the teams to have a perfect training day for Alexela ORC World Championship taking place in Tallinn in August.  

In ORC I, the group of the biggest yachts, Priit Tammemägi’s Premium with Tanel Tamm at the helm (Kalev Yacht Club) scored their first win. Coming in third in the first but nailing the next two races left Forte and Jaak Jõgi’s team (Kalev Yacht Club) with their 1-4-3 positions second. Matilda 4 with Juss Ojala at the helm (Yacht Club Dago) with their score of 5-3-2 were third.  


Premium’s helmsman Tanel Tamm was most excited: “Our first win this year! This is the second season for our young team, and it is so cool to win a race against such seasoned competitors. We have learnt a lot from them and our teamwork was excellent today. We had three good starts, no major mistakes and we managed to choose the right side.”

ORC I Cruiser division winner was Sylvia (Kalev Yacht Club), with Aare Kööp at the helm.


In ORC II Marjaliisa Umb and Sugar (Pärnu Yacht Club) came out winners, although they finished third in the first race but the next two wins secured their position. Aivar Tuulberg and Katariina II (Pärnu Yacht Club) were second with 1-3-2 and Evelyn III (Saaremaa Merispordi Selts) with Keith Luur at the helm were third with their race positions of 4-2-5 respectively.


Marjaliis Umb did not expect such results at all: “We had several technical issues with sails during the first race. But the team worked better in the next two races and secured the 10-second vantage necessary for coming out first. The weather was perfect and it is quite unusual to be able to sail in such conditions in Estonia,” she concluded.

The best in ORC II Cruiser division was Fanatic (Kalev Yacht Club) with Ain-Eke Jalasto at the helm. 

ORC III results are not confirmed yet as a protest was submitted against the 2-2-1 winning yacht Vanishing Point with Meelis Kosk (Pärnu Yacht Club) at the helm. According to the preliminary results Vasili Alekseev and Kvartet, Moonsund Regatta’s long-time guests from Russia, are second with their score of 1-2-4. Quite unexpectedly even to themselves the third place of the leg was taken by Guido Grass’ team on Pinta (Saaremaa Merispordi Selts) with 5-3-1.


The winner in ORC IV - Lagle III with Ülari Velviste and team from Haapsalu Yacht Club - was the only boat to win all three races during the day.

“Emotions are high,” commented Ülari Velviste. “The weather was ideal and also perfect for our boat. There was enough wind and we performed well.”


With the score of 2-3-3 Far-O-Zon and Maarja Kask from Haapsalu Yacht Club came in second and Oleg Egipte’s team on Astrid (Kalev Yacht Club) was third with 5-2-2.


For Folkboots the Moonsund Regatta is also a championship race. At the moment the leader is Mikk Köösel on Jonna (Kalev Yacht Club) with one win and two second places. Two wins and one fourth place left W-Lind and Vaiko Vooremaa second (Kalev Yacht Club) and Bacchus with Olev Oolup at the helm (Yacht Club Dago) are third. The best wooden Folkboot was Meelis Lindemann’s Tiina from Kalev Yacht Club.


The second race will take place on Monday, July 12. The Tactical Foodpack Pärnu-Ruhnu leg will take the fleet on Ruhnu island to Ringsu harbour. The 50-mile race should come to finish by late night.


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A. Le Coq 64. Moonsund Regatta is organised by Kalev Yacht Club and Pärnu Yacht Club in cooperation with Estonian Yachting Union.

The sponsors of the regatta are A. Le Coq, Sportland, DSV Estonia, Volvo Trucks Estonia, Amserv/Toyota, Alexela, Pro Marine Trade, Alter Marine, Tactical Foodpack, Loodus Invest, Heimon Kala, Hiiumaa parish, Hiiumaa Sadamad, Santa Maria, Rahva Raamat, City of Pärnu, Sportity, Päästeliit (The Rescue Associatuion), Postimees